Top E-Commerce Startups Challenges and How to Overcome Them

E-Commerce Startups Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Ecommerce is expected to surge to double-digit by 2020. It’s easy for big players like Amazon to play a huge part in the predicted increase. But, how will small startups succeed in such scenario?  In case of small businesses, the path to ecommerce success is not that simple but paved with many challenges. Let’s talk about few of these ecommerce issues currently faced by online sellers and their possible solutions.

Product Listing

Small business owners need to understand how important it is to have a business website. Whereas, some startups don’t own a website, there are majority of stores that don’t even have their inventory listed online. Sounds worse? Well, in this digital age, smaller retailers can easily get help from this gadget called as Pointy. This technology helps stores to easily put items online and connects to people who are searching the products on web.


The way customers want to be addressed has changed massively. Fundamentals that retailers used to believe are not going to work any further. Customers want to view what exactly they expect from your site, not to roam around your store. Provide something relevant else you will miss the mark. Currently, technology is helping many companies to build personalized customer experience around each user. One such tool is artificial intelligence (AI) that gathers more relevant suggestions and help online retailers to achieve more sales.

International Expansion

To venture globally has become a new ecommerce trend.With so many opportunities offered by cross-border ecommerce, it is also crucial to do research before diving into new market. From language to currencies, consider everything. What are shopping preferences of another market? Figure out their delivery costs. Do research what’s applicable in that market. Will your support team be able to communicate from a language they don’t speak into? If not, what could be the possible solution? Well, many retailers now rely on a tool known as xSellco. They eliminate the need to hire multilingual agents for your store. Since they are capable to auto-translate incoming queries from other language to the one they speak. This way issues will get a better understanding and will be resolved quickly.

Lack of automation

Automation is a need to run any kind of business. Retailers can’t do it all. They need an ecommerce solution that can help achieve them their sales goals. Yet, many retailers can’t invest time on conducting ecommerce platforms comparison. That’s where Shopify comes in. It simplifies ecommerce for startups, and is among the best ecommerce platform 2018.

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